An original soundtrack for the silent film "Alice in Wonderland" (1903).
Directed by Cecil Hepworth, this was the first movie adaptation of Carroll's book.
Watch the movie with our score on youtube:

0:00 - Through the Rabbit Hole
0:35 - The Hall of Many Doors
2:20 - In The House of The White Rabbit
3:00 - The Duchess
3:55 - The Cheshire Cat
4:47 - The Mad Tea Party
5:57 - The Royal Procession
7:16 - “Off with her head!”

Composed and recorded by Andrea Imberciadori.
Andrea Imberciadori: synth, ac. guitar, glockenspiel, vox, sampled percussions, piano
Lorenzo Eva: trumpet
Luigi Spontoni: "Hall of Many Doors" piano