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  1. Nine Lives

From the recording Mood Swings

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Music & Lyrics: A. Imberciadori

Gian: vox
Andrea: arpeggios, reverse, harmonix, rhythm, solo, sustainer & whammy gtrs, synth bells
Lorenzo: wah & delay trumpet
Simone: bass
Cristian: drums



Believe my words:
“They come from space!”
For our disgrace,
no one is listening

We'd better react now,
before their dominion grows:
every wasted chance,
may well be the last!

Nine lives,
morphing their faces
they managed somehow to survive.
Nine lives,
to steal and exploit, extinguish
all freedoms and rule

They come from space
No one is listening!

They wandered the universe
to finally land on earth:
where they found their gold,
where they found their luck!

Nine lives,
morphing their faces
no longer required to survive…
Down here,
morphing their parties
the faces can stay just the same!

Too late to react now
No way to resist us
there's no way out