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  1. Lori

From the recording Mood Swings

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Music: S. Tonelli
Lyrics: A. Imberciadori

Gian: vox
Andrea: 12 & 6 strings slide, arpeggio, tremolo & wah gtrs, synth percussions
Lorenzo: harmonix, coda & outro gtrs, trumpet
Simone: bass, harmonix
Cristian: acoustic drums

Stefano Tonelli: extra coda gtr, original arpeggio



Magic potions and occult
I can't say I cared so much for

But I wondered at the sign
on that day in May on South Road

A tune out of time
lured me inside
My will bent, intoxicating scents
the air was thick and white

Two green gems filled up the space
in the dark left by dim lamplight

Like a dream of falling down
through the pages of her mind, oh

How could I resist?
My whole world would twist
Now I know, all this sounds quite absurd
but I'm in love again