From the recording Mood Swings

Music & Lyrics: A. Imberciadori

Gian: vox
Andrea: gtrs, synth, b. vox, mini-bolon riff & percussion
Lorenzo: trumpet, accordion
Simone: bass
Cristian: drums



Something crazy is happening,
looking out for the cat on the balcony!
A dark figure's hunched in the corner,
like the scary bum with the box
in that useless flick.

He keeps staring, dead silent
Inexpressive, black painted face
So scared
He’s creeping me out!
Keep calm

Yes he creeps me out!
I feel my breath dying,
chest aches, it's on fire

He creeps me out!
Those weird eyes
Paralyzed, I pray
it's a dream

It turns out to be a fantasy,
as I wake up dazed
it’s a sudden epiphany

The cat’s purring on the pillow
Black coffee, scrambled eggs and cheese
So tired
and then out in the cold air
Sleep tight

I plan the vacations,
stepping out across the lawn
I smile and wave to my neighbors,
so proud of such a nice and cozy place

He’s driving the empty
bus I’m used to take.
Trapped in a nightmare
looping in my brain:
A dream in a dream

which creeps me out!
My breath dies,
chest aches, it's on fire

He creeps me out
Those weird eyes
Praying for a dream
in a dream