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  1. Antiquambience

From the recording Mood Swings

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Music & lyrics: A. Imberciadori

Gian: vox, b. vox
Andrea: arpeggiator, fuzz factory, synth, extra rhythm gtr
Lorenzo: upbeat & funky gtrs
Simone: bass
Cristian: drums



I'll take my secrets to my grave
so I'll never have to say
what thoughts are crossing through my mind
As It's getting over me, listen:
Antiquambience creeping up my shoulders now,
Antiquambience filling up my brain

I'll be restless, my necessities,
they'll get hold of me, never let me free
I'll be wearing masks, I'll be failing tasks
I'll be stabbing backs, I'll be shuffling decks
I'll be

And as the years keep falling down
thousand lines are showing up
over the surface of my skin
as it's getting older, listen:
Antiquambiance never left my body
Antiquambience never left my brain

I've been restless, my necessities
they got hold of me, they don't let me free
I've been useless, my tenacity
brought me nothing good, when I thought it would

I've been gutless, unbelievably so,
I got nothing at all that I could control
I'll be dreaming up new realities,
there's no way at all, I can free myself from this...