1. Matterplay

From the recording Mood Swings

Music: A. Imberciadori/D. Power
Lyrics: S. Fioravanti/A. Imberciadori

Gian: vox
Andrea: gtrs, particle verb, distorted & hysteria vox, “Matterplay” & Titti’s meow samples, extra drums prog.
Lorenzo: additional production, live gtr
Simone: bass, electric ukulele
Cristian: acoustic drums

David Power: original “Matterplay” electronic piece



I whisper fright from the radio
My startling frames in videos
Life’s a mad, cruel rodeo
Your neighbour might be a criminal
Protect, caress your fears now
Brick walls around your backyard

From television studios,
I move your inner dominoes
Drink up your medicine now,
you’ve got no better way out

Wobbling on the verge of a cliff
Time to wake up
Wobbling on the edge of abyss
Time to wake up

An evil army is marching on,
they creep inside all things you know
$pread updates in the background,
like a disturbing carillon
Protect, caress your fears now,
Barb wires around your backyard

Safer with your pills and a gun
by the bedside
Safer in a shelter under ground
in the backyard Hysteria!