Mood Swings Mood Swings [english] Mood Swings [italiano]

The first full-length album from the Italian Indie band is an effervescent mix of electro-acoustic trumpet, post-punk guitars and synthesizers. 

The third studio outing from Malenky Slovos features 13 tracks (+ 3 bonus tracks), resulting from over three years of live shows and recordings. 
As the title suggests, songs vary greatly in tone and mood: the new wave tinged Mother Hurt and Matterplay coexist with  the more delicate  Whited Out and the Eno cover By This River or the quirky disco-funk of  Small Town Paranoia and Knowledge Base.

"Having played these songs live for some years now, we've manged to  really distill their essence: entire sections were ditched over time in favour of texture and mood. Accordion, piano, glockenspiel, ethnic percussions, uke and more were used occasionally to extend the band's core set-up. So, the final tracks rarely reach the four minute mark, but they draw from a rich palette  of sounds to create a unique atmosphere"

"A roller coaster ride through crumbling dead malls and Mother Earth's cries, cheap love potions and reversed tarots, global conspiracies and small town paranoia, off-the-shelf knowledge which proves elusive and not-really-from-outer-space parasites who'd want us to OBEY..."


Adding that electro-acoustic trumpet is surely a thing here... A fine result, a pleasant album! ”

Tempelores (NL)

Whilst music has impressive atmospheric appeal, (...) from the intensity of instrumentation surfaces an imperial vocal that marks Malenky Slovos as something special. ”

Emerging Indie Bands (UK)


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