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Malenky Slovos are an indie rock/wave band from La Spezia, Italy. 
Their sound can be described as an original mixture of electro-acoustic trumpet, post-punk guitars, and synthesizers. 

The current line-up consists of vocalist Luca Rossi, Lorenzo Eva (electro-acoustic trumpet, guitars), Andrea Imberciadori (guitars, synth, lyrics), Simone Fioravanti (bass gtr & synth bass) and Cristian Orlandini (drums, pads). 

The Malenky Slovos project began in 2007, with the intent of refusing to stick to a predefined genre, letting the sound of the band define itself by the sum of the styles and influences of its members.
A first stable line-up, formed in 2009, is documented in their first 6-tracks EP Antiquambience (oct 2010), which gathered good reviews and some radio airplay in the main italian 'indie' programmes. 

Since then, the band has been both playing live in festivals and clubs in Italy and recording new material: some covers, remixes, an avant-garde soundtrack for Alice In Wonderland 1903 silent movie, the Christmas Single CD in december 2013, the first with the current line-up.

Mood Swings, the first LP for the band, was published on june 2016, and featured 13 tracks, resulting from three years of live shows and recordings and extending the band's core set-up with occasional accordion, piano, glockenspiel, ethnic percussions, uke and more, in a variety of tones and moods.

The english lyrics merged realistic and fantastic elements and cover a wide range of topics: abandoned malls (Dead Mall), Mother Earth's cries (Mother Hurt), political corruption (the They Live-inspired Nine Lives), conspiracies (Matterplay), racial integration (Small Town Paranoia), gender stereotyping (Santa Got It Wrong), political corruption (Nine Lives), the devastating consequences of war (Home Movies, Seventeen Words), the illlusion of global knowledge (Knowledge Base).
The name of the band comes from the "nadsat talk" spoken by Alex in a A Clockwork Orange, one of their favorite movies, and roughly translates to "little words".

Malenky Slovos are a band doing new and interesting things (...), I can guarantee they will be doing big things in a few years -

Combining a bit of Pink Floyd meets U2 (...) they create a landscape of sound that is extremly visual in context. (...) we have great things to look forward to from this band - EvO:R